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The Future of Social Events

May 2020, the stay at home ordinance has been lifted and businesses are beginning to reopen. Guidelines encouraging "Social Distancing" are in place as safety is the priority. With that being said, the days where people may attend a concert, sporting event, nightclub or private event (wedding, corporate, etc.) are still unknown. I'll preface by mentioning I do not have a definite answer, but will provide ideas of how future events might look. Hopefully these can generate ideas when planning for your future celebration.

The following list could be used when practicing "Social Distancing" at your next event so that guests feel safe and your event is a success.

  • Reduced guest-list (less attendees)

  • Outdoor vs. Indoor venue (open areas including backyards)

  • Larger dining tables at less capacity

  • No Dance-floor

  • Reduced time-frame (think 3-4 hours max instead of 6+ hours)

  • Limited Bar

  • Offer a Digital View of the event (zoom or similar platform for individuals that feel safer at home)

Something to keep in mind is that everyone will have different personal standards when it comes to social events. These standards should be respected and shouldn't be taken personal if invitees decline to attend.


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