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Wedding - Vendors

All vendors are not created equal. Period.

Throughout the Wedding Planning process, many decisions need to be made and some are definitely more exciting than others. Although some sit lower on the priority list, a respectful amount of time should be allotted to each decision, especially vendors. This will ensure peace of mind leading up to the event date and most importantly, the day of.

Statements often heard when vendors are hired without much thought might include:

- "The Dj was at a friend's wedding and I liked him or her"

- "I've seen samples of their photography"

- "The decorations were beautiful"

Yes, the final product does count, but different factors are involved leading up to the outcome. Was the Dj pleasant to work with? Does the photographer specialize in a certain style that may or may not work with your needs? Did the decorator allow input from the clients or refuse? Some vendors outsource work and others only work as a packaged deal within their network. The only way to get these details and more is to speak with the vendors and ask questions.

Give yourself options and make a confident decision that works with your needs and wants. Time spent on planning and asking questions will pay dividends. These meetings are not only helpful to you, the client, but also the professional performing the task. There were a few times when I recommended a Dj other than myself who I knew was a better fit. The outcome the couple desired was achieved by our meeting and realizing their specific needs.


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