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Wedding - Wedding Cake

Now comes time to cut into that beautiful cake. Bride and Groom take photos while a song referencing "SWEETS" plays in the background, cake may also be playfully used as makeup. Some couples wish to announce this moment while others spend this time privately with media vendors. Either is perfectly fine, if that's what you wish.

But, can we maximize this moment? Time was invested for tastings, cake was transported carefully, guests are in attendance, but most importantly, the cutting of a wedding cake is symbolic. It represents the support between husband and wife, the foundation they promise one another to set for their current or future family.

This is an opportune time to embrace your guests. Use narrative, whether it be a glimpse of how you both met, a poem or biblical scripture that sums up your love and/or beliefs could be a nice touch. This is sure to grasp the attention of family and friends. With additional time, a meaningful song will fit perfectly. Instead of something "SWEET", how about using the runner-up song to your First Dance? Something close to heart?

It's not just cutting, feeding and photography when it comes to your cake. It's a moment that is symbolic and should be shared in addition to being embraced. Make sure to set the tone and capture the attention of your guests. It's the details that make the difference.


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